ࡱ> %` RjbjbjNN2,,50|@|@|@|@hAt0.A:"B"B"B"BBfcC$Cceeeeee$HhdkhBBkhkh"B"BD}x}x}xkh "B"Bc}xkhc}x}xϞ"BA u|@msj"cҧHٜvDϞϞC QP }xeYD`CCCaxCCCkhkhkhkh00d $'00 '000 Plant Biology Symposium 2009 (2nd announcement) In order to explore the latest trends in plant development research, molecular evolution and plant environmental responses, and the recent advances in molecular genetics, genomics, and systems biology tools and techniques, Botanical Society of China, Chinese Society for Cell Biology, Genetics Society of China and Chinese Society for Plant Physiology will jointly hold Plant Biology Symposium 2009 in Yantai, Shandong Province. It will be the first time that the four societies jointly organize a plant biology symposium and our aim is to formulate development strategies and look into the prospects of multidisciplinary integrative plant biology. The symposium will take place from August 10 to 14 and all speakers will be senior plant scientists who are recognized both at home and abroad for their excellence. The symposium will, without a doubt, provide not only a platform for the participants to show their achievements, but also offer a golden opportunity to discuss, study and explore possible future collaboration with like-minded. 1. Sponsors and Organizers Sponsored by Botanical Society of China Chinese Society for Cell Biology Genetics Society of China Chinese Society for Plant Physiology Organized by: Journal of Integrative Plant BiologyJIPB YanTai University 2. Date, Place, Website and Official Language Date: Aug. 10 to 14, 2009 Place: Donghai Hotel, Yantai, Shandong Province Website:  HYPERLINK "http://www.jipb.net/jipbsymposium" www.jipb.net/jipbsymposium Official language: Chinese and English 3. Academic and Organizing Committee Academic Committee Chair: Prof. Zhi-Hong Xu (Peking University, China) Prof. Wei-Hua Wu (China Agricultural University, China) Associate Chair (in alphabetical order): Prof. Chun-Ming Liu (Institute of Botany, CAS, China) Prof. Li-Jia Qu (Peking University, China) Prof. Da-Ye Sun (Hebei Normal University, China) Prof. Hong-Wei Xue (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS, China) Prof. Yong-Biao Xue (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, China) Prof. Jian-Ru Zuo (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, China) Member (in alphabetical order): Prof. Li-Zhe An (Lanzhou University, China) Prof. Katie Dehesh (University of California, USA) Prof. Biao Ding (Ohio State University, USA) Prof. Anne Mie Emons (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) Prof. Song Ge (Institute of Botany, CAS, China) Prof. Zhi-Zhong Gong (China Agricultural University, China) Prof. Xing-Guo Han (Institute of Botany, CAS, China) Prof. Jia Li (University of Oklahoma, China) Prof. Chen-Tao Lin (University of California, USA) Prof. Dong Liu (Tsinghua University, China) Prof. Zhong-Chi Liu (University of Maryland, USA) Prof. Clive Lloyd (John Innes Center, UK) Prof. William Lucas (University of California, USA) Prof. Hong Ma (Fudan University, China) Prof. Klaus Palme (University of Freiburg, Germany) Prof. Martin Parry (Rothamsted Research, UK) Prof. Qian Qian (China National Rice Research Institute, China) Prof. Rowan Sage (University of Toronto, Canada) Prof. Chun-Peng Song (Henan University, China) Prof. Ke-Xuan Tang (Fudan University, China) Prof. Mark Tester (The University of Adelaide, Australia) Prof. Jian-Min Wan (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China) Prof. Zhi-Yong Wang (Carnegie Institute, USA) Prof. Dao-Xin Xie (Tsinghua University, China) Prof. Zhen-Biao Yang (University of California, USA) Prof. Jun Yu (Beijing Institute of Genomics, CAS, China) Prof. Da-Bing Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China) Prof. Li-Xin Zhang (Institute of Botany, CAS, China) Organizing Committee Chair: Prof. Chun-Ming Liu Associate Chair: Prof. Shan-Li Guo and Prof. Jin-Zhong Cui Member (in alphabetical order): Ling-Feng Chen Cheng-Hua Guo Ping He Ya-Li Jiao Zhi-De Liu Yu-Bin Liu Rui-Xue Liu Guo-Dong Li Feng-Hong Liu Johan Olausson Xu-Tao Sun Shi-Ai Xu Li-Hui Zhao Ji-Qiang Zhao Xue-Ying Zhou 4. Program Aug. 10 (Monday) Registration Aug. 11 (Tuesday) A. M. 800 830 Opening Ceremony Addressed by President of YanTai University Addressed by Prof. Zhi-Hong Xu Addressed by Symposium Leader 830 11:40 Keynote Speech (Chaired by Prof. Wei-Hua Wu) 830 920 Prof. Peter QuailUniversity of California, Berkeley, USA Phytochrome photosensory signaling and transcriptional networks 920 1010 Prof. Yong-Biao Xue (Institute of Genetic and Developmental Biology, CAS, China) Molecular control of S-RNase-based self-incompatibility 1010 1050 Coffee break & group photograph 1050 1140 Prof. William Lucas (University of California, USA) Long-distance communication in plants: the phloem as an information superhighway 1140 1300 Lunch Aug. 11 (Tuesday) P. M. 1300 1430 Topic 1Molecular Evolution & Ecology (Chaired by Prof. Yin-Long Qiu) 1300 1330 Prof. Yin-Long Qiu (University of Michigan, USA) Mitochondrial genome evolution in early land plants 1330 1400 Prof. Yu-Long Feng (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, China) Evolutionary tradeoffs for nitrogen allocation to photosynthesis versus defenses in Ageratina adenophora, a noxious invasive weed 1400 1430 Dr. Bao-Hua Song (Duke University, USA) Plant evolutionary and ecological genetics and genomics of Boechera stricta  a wild relative of Arabidopsis 1430 1600 Topic 2Photoperception (Chaired by Prof. Peter Quail) 1430 1500 Prof. Roberto Bassi (Verona University, Italy) Mechanisms of light harvesting and photoprotection in plants and algae 1500 1530 Prof. Chen-Tao Lin (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) How blue light receptors work  a case study of flowering time control 1530 1600 Prof. Li-Xin Zhang (Institute of Botany, CAS, China) Assembly of photosystem II protein complex 1600 1620 Coffee break 1620 1820 Topic 3: Cell & Development Biology (Chaired by Prof. William Lucas) 1620 1650 Prof. Anne Mie C. Emons (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) Cellulose biosynthesis: cell biological aspects 1650 1720 Prof. Tamas Dalmay (University of East Anglia, UK) Short RNAs in tomato fruit 1720 1750 Prof. Cheng-Cai Zhang (Aix-Marseille University and CNRS, France) The making of a heterocyst in cyanobacteria 1750 1820 Prof. Zhi-Zhong Gong (China Agricultural University, China) Characterization of Repressor of Silencing1 (ROS1) suppressors: transcriptional gene silencing independent on siRNA-directed DNA methylation in Arabidopsis 1820 1930 Dinner Aug. 11 (Tuesday) evening Poster session Aug. 12 (Wednesday) A. M. 800 900 Topic 3: Cell & Development Biology (Chaired by Prof. William Lucas) 800 830 Prof. Hong Ma (Fudan University, China) Molecular genetic and bioinformatic analysis of regulatory networks for anther development 830 900 Prof. Li-Jia Qu (Peking University, China) Mitosis control during gametogenesis: fine-tuning of protein degradation 900 1150 Topic 4: Plant Hormones & Functions (Chaired by Prof. Da-Ye Sun) 900 930 Prof. Zhen-Biao Yang (University of California, USA) Auxin is a signal that couples development with cell polarization 930 1000 Prof. Dao-Xin Xie (Tsinghua University, China) Molecular basis of jasmonate regulated plant fertility 1000 1020 Coffee break 1020 1050 Prof. Hong-Wei Guo (Peking University, China) Coaction of ethylene and light in regulating the de-etiolation of Arabidopsis seedlings 1050 1120 Prof. Ning Li (Hong Kong University, China) Study of multiple ethylene signaling using phosphoproteomics 1120 1150 Prof. Jian-Ru Zuo (Institute of Genetic and Developmental Biology, CAS, China) CKI1-mediated cytokinin signaling in Arabidopsis 1150 1300 Lunch Aug. 12 (Wednesday) P. M. 1300 1500 Topic 5: Rice Functional Genomics (Chaired by Prof. Yong-Biao Xue) 1300 1330 Prof. Jian-Min Wan (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China) Identification, fine mapping of genes for Indica-Japonica hybrid sterile and implication in rice breeding 1330 1400 Prof. Da-Bing Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China) Carbon starved anther (CSA) encoding a MYB domain protein regulate!./0SZ[_elo      $ A B b c ~ ֶ}}v} hd h " h "o(h, hro(hrh?[h ?hwC hzc`h?[hzc`h?[B*phheWt h?[o(hah?[CJ aJ o(hah?[CJ aJ h:iCJ aJ o(h>CJ aJ o(hah?[5CJ aJ h?[5CJ aJ o(h?[5CJ aJ .0C F \ ( c dhVDd^gdY_dhgd dhWD`gd?[gd?[dhgd?[ $dha$gd?[j 9 H R Z _ d e n  % 5 > H I ` u y z . 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M. 830 1130 Workshop on your role as an editor in building JIPB into a top international journal Host: Prof. Chun-Ming Liu (Chief Editor of JIPB) SpeakerProf. William Lucas California University, USA, The Associate Editor of Plant Cell and JIPB Note: This workshop is available for editors and editorial staff of scientific journals as well as symposium participants. Please be sure to pay the registration fee before June 30 if you are interested (The workshop fee will not be levied if you have already paid the registration fee). Contact: Ling-Feng Chen ( HYPERLINK "mailto:chenlf@ibcas.ac.cn" chenlf@ibcas.ac.cn) Aug. 13 (Thursday) P.M. 1330 1630 Visit to YanTai University laboratories Aug. 14 (Friday) Departure or scenic tour 5. Registration For general participants, registration fee will be RMB950. Members of Botanical Society of China, Chinese Society for Cell Biology, Genetics Society of China, or Chinese Society for Plant Physiology will receive a corresponding discount according to their constitution (upon production of membership card or membership number). Participants will be able to apply for membership to any of societies referred above (application forms will be available). The registration fee for family members will be RMB700. On production of a student card, the registration fee will be reduced to RMB550. Please note that participants who register before June 30, 2009 will receive five percent discount based on above price. The registration fee includes a copy of the pre-published proceedings, refreshments (coffee breaks), lunches on August 11 13, 2009. It does not include the fee for the optional tour. Please register through the symposium website and pay the registration fee as soon as possible. Payment of registration fee should be made either by bank transfer: Institution: Botanical Society of China Bank: Beijing Xidan Sub-branch of Agricultural Bank of China Account Number: 020101040002984 Or by cheque or cash sent to: Editorial office of Journal of Integrative Plant Biology Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanxincun 20, Haidian District, Beijing, China Postcode: 100093 Please include a note, stating your name, your institution and Yantai symposium. 6. Abstract & Manuscript Submission Participants may submit English abstracts to the symposium secretariat up until June 30, 2009. Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words. The abstract should include title, authorship, institution, a brief presentation of the work, and key words as well as contact address of first author or corresponding author. A volume of abstracts will appear before the symposium and JIPB will publish a special  Symposium Issue on integrative plant biology after the symposium (if you are interested to submit your paper to this special issue, please contact Fenghong Liu at  HYPERLINK "mailto:fenghong@ibcas.ac.cn" fenghong@ibcas.ac.cn). Please note that abstracts will be included only if we received the registration fee. 7. Poster The maximum poster size is 80 cm in width and 110 cm in height. Please contact the Symposium Executive Secretary if you wish to present a poster. 8. Accommodation You can book accommodation via the website. Prices are indicated below. Please note that travel and accommodation costs will not be covered by the organizers. Deluxe Suites (7): RMB 600/suite per night. Standard room: RMB 120/bed per night; RMB 100/bed for students per night. 9. Executive Secretary and Contacts Ling-Feng Chen, JIPB Editorial Office 13161594205, 010-62836133 chenlf@ibcas.ac.cn Rui-Xue Liu, YanTai University 13668656094, 0535-6902699 plantbiology2009@163.com Xue-Ying Zhou, YanTai University 13805350581 0535-6904913 plantbiology2009@163.com >xrxtx~xxyzzzFzzzzz&{,{.{0{2{8{:{>{@{P{X{Z{`{b{d{f{j{l{n{r{{{{{{ |ȱȪșvjfh Bhm{h B>*aJo(hBhB5>*aJhj/h B5CJOJPJaJ h B5o(hj/h B5o( hNz>*o( hx>*o(h`h B>*CJOJPJaJ h B>*o(h`h B>*o( h>EOh Bhyh BCJOJPJaJ h Bo(h/h Bo(hh Bo(U(z&{Z{r{{N||:}}N~LNFEƀgd:n*i;WD^i`;gdTc WDd`gd:n* & Fgd:n*gd:n* ;VD^;gd ||B|P|R||||||0}2}6}:}}}}}~~>~@~J~N~P~T~V~z~|~@BJLٸĦ|w hW o(hBhBo(h;hW 5CJo(h;h5CJo(h56CJo(hB5CJo(h5CJo(hh B5CJo(h;h B5CJo(h5CJo(h B5CJo(hyh BCJOJPJaJ hTco(h B h Bo(,NT*܄pb dhWD,`gd:n*>dhVDWD^`>gd:n* dhVD^WD^ `gd:n* dhWD^ `gd:n*dhgd:n*gd:n*GC$Eƀgd:n*  lt(RTVҁԁ܁jn‚ڂHJڃރtltatltltltahEhBCJaJhBCJaJhEhBCJaJo( hB6o(hVhW 6o( hW o( hBo(ht{ht{6o( ht{o( h$Do(ht{hBo(hxqhB56hBhB5hxqhxq5o(hxqhxq5 hxq5o(h;hW 5CJo(hB5CJo(h:n*h:n*o(&(*\^Ԅք؄ڄ܄ބ &(vzָު󢙍wwph^p^pVLhN.EhW 5o(hBhB5hxqhxq5o(hxqhxq5 hxq5o(hBhB5CJo(hBhB5CJh:n*h:n*CJaJo(hW CJaJo(hBCJaJha=h:n*0JCJaJo(#jha=h:n*CJUaJheh:n*CJaJo(h:n*CJaJjh:n*CJUaJhBCJaJo(hEhBCJaJo(܄ބ(|~څ܅ ΍uj & FdhgdnNdhVDWD`gddhgd?[  WDF` gd:n*IdhEƀfgd:n*dhgdxqdhgd:n* dhWD,`gd:n* z|~…؅څ܅ޅ LXxz|~LR|uqulelu hd]hd] hd]o(h h;h?[ h$$o(hThIf h?[o(h?[ ho( hQh?[hh&4h?[5CJaJht{5CJaJo(hbh?[o(h:n*hW o( hBo(hBhBhB5CJo(hBhB5CJhN.Eht{5o( h:n*5o( hW 5o(& &*.ֈ"(jl~҉*.^jĊΊdf~̌ ʻʻػ hueo( h`bo( hl8o( hv Oo( hVo( h Fo( hZxo(hZxhIfhTh?[ h;h?[ hTo( h?[o( h;h`bh`bD΍$2Rtx&FfhjnȑBxv|~֑>FNbxzҒؒȑȕȑȑȑh?[ h$[h?[h$$5CJaJo(h&4h?[5CJaJo(ht{5CJaJo(hdDh?[o( h?[o(hehhue6o( hUo(h/hueo( h/hueh!h4F hueo(hue9΍V(hxؐ|PdhVDUWD^`Pgddhgd?[  dhWD` gd?[ 7dhWD`7gdue dhWDd`gdue TdhVD^Tgdue RdhWD`Rgd4F dhWD`gduedhgdue & Fdhgdue ؒ~“&4:<ft֔ܔ,48>@VXbd^`ޖ<ʷ­ܨӝh$$h $5CJaJo(htz5CJaJo(ht{5CJaJo( h"o(hhv O0Jo(jhv OUjhv OUhv O h9o( hFo(h;k hv Oo( hd%o(hd%hd%6o( h$[h?[ h?[o(h?[4ΘИ6(*rhj$a$gd?[ dhWD`gd?[dhgd ;dhWD`;gddhgd?[ dhVD^gd?[ dhWDd`gddhgd $ dhVD^gd?[ (d̘ΘИҘ֘bdfܚ&(*,.BFVrɾɂvhhdh;kh$$h?[5CJaJo(h$$h(<5CJaJh(<h(<5CJaJh^<hFo( ho( h^<o( h?[o( hIfo(hIfh?[h$$h?[5CJaJhW5CJaJo(ht{5CJaJo( h$[h?[ hgo( h)xPh)xP h)xPo(hF hFo(h)xP h $h $'024:BXZpr|ڜܜޜ6Vfhj÷շշ蓅h^:h?[5CJaJo(hah?[o(h;kmH sH hmH o(sH h;kh;kmH sH h;kh?[mH o(sH hMmH o(sH h^:mH o(sH h;kh?[mH sH h*h?[o(h?[ ho( h?[o(h;k h^:o(!0182P. A!"#$%S DyK www.jipb.net/jipbsymposiumyK \http://www.jipb.net/jipbsymposiumyX;H,]ą'cDyK chenlf@ibcas.ac.cnyK Lmailto:chenlf@ibcas.ac.cnyX;H,]ą'cDyK fenghong@ibcas.ac.cnyK Pmailto:fenghong@ibcas.ac.cnyX;H,]ą'cN@N cke $1$a$$CJKHPJ_HaJmH nHsH tH$A@$ ؞k=W[SOBiB nfh*B*ph,L, Z)HegdVD ^d('!(  ybl_(uCJaJ*2*  ybleW[$a$*j12*  ybl;N5\.R.  yblFhe,gCJaJ(Xa( r:_ 56\]50C[]y.h c8*H*-1.u..../U////00@03333e4445W5556000000000000000000p0000000 0 000000000000@0000@000000000C[]y.h cHr9 . q F  \ $ ` 9~EJbEKa-%2Jf P)U!g.9_`l(u)CDPTp4*4y A_& ~ G!U!!!!!!"V""###M$$$$$%1%q%%%3&q&&&&&','-'F'Q''''>(_)))))* * **7*8*H*-1.u..../U////00@0333333e44445W55560000000000000000000000000000000 0 00 000000 0@ 0 0@000 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0000000 0 00 00 00 0 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0000 0  0  0000000000000000000 0 0000000000000C[]y.h cHr9 . q F  \ $ 9~EJbEKa%2Jf PU!g_l(u)CPTp4*4y A_& ~ G!U!!!!!!"V""###M$$$$%1%q%%%3&q&&&&F''>(_))) *7*8*H*-1.u..../U////00@033333e44445W5556000000000000000000000000000000000@00000000000000000000000000000000000@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@' 0@0@' 0@0@' 0@0@0@0@0@0@0@, 0@0@0@, 0@0@0@0@* 0@0@* 0@0@* 0@0000. 00. 00. 00. 0000000000. 00. 00002 002 0002 002 002 000000004 004 004 004 0@0@0@0@0@ 0@0@ 0@0Z005Z00@ 0@0@0Z00h<@0Z00fZ00*Z00eZ00*Z00a000 0 0000@00000000Z0v0 @0000@00000000Z00 r!#R(),614&7:> |zؒj"#$&()+,.01245689;OQSTVWXZ\]L!D(l17zN܄΍j %'*-/37:PRUY[j!Fax)))y2225XXX8@0(  B S  ? 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